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About Me

Hi – I'm Margaret a Canadian printmaker and surface designer based in Toronto. My travels in Asia influenced my style and inspired many prints.
Linoleum, cardboard and wallpaper are some of the materials I use as for my blocks. And I only use artist grade inks on archival papers.
My prints are on book covers, wallpaper, and packaging. My style is bold and geometric with vivid colours and an ordered sensibility.
To see my licensing portfolio, contact me with a brief description of your needs:

 I hope my prints will find a place in your home.


I bumped into my old boss one day in Vancouver. He had dropped out of work to go back to school!

 So, I asked what that had been like.

I can't remember exactly what said, but he did ask: "Well, is there something you've always wanted to be?" and I said, "Yes, a printmaker." and he said, "Well, what's stopping you?"

And, of course, nothing was. I took a printmaking course at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Then I practiced for three years and started doing juried shows. I went on-line when the internet took off, learned how to license my prints and the rest is history!