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About Me

Hi – I'm Margaret a Canadian printmaker and surface designer based in Toronto. I have a background in landscape architecture and travelled in Asia for my work which inspired many of my prints and influenced my style.

I use linoleum, cardboard and wallpaper to create my blocks and I print with artist grade inks on archival papers. 


My prints have also been used on book covers, wallpaper, and packaging.  My style is bold and geometric with vivid colours and an ordered sensibility.

To see my licensing portfolio, contact me with a brief description of your needs:

 I hope my prints will find a place in your home.


I was walking down the street in Vancouver one day when I ran into my old boss. He had given up his office and career in landscape architecture to go back to school to get a diploma in sculpture. So, I asked what going back to school was like.

I can't remember exactly what he told me, but at one point he asked: "Well, is there something you've always wanted to be?" and I immediately said, "Yes, I've always wanted to be a printmaker." and he said, "Well, what's stopping you?"

And, of course, nothing was. Somehow I levitated over to Granville Island, went into Emily Carr College of Art and Design, picked up the calendar, found an evening course called Introduction to Relief Printmaking, signed up for it and took the course. Using simple materials it taught me basic techniques - how to carve, mix colours, print without a press, print an edition, clean up safely - all the basics.

When the course was over, one of the other students and I got together, bought some inks and continued printing. Then I moved to Toronto, got a new job, kept printing on my kitchen table and about three years after the course, showed my work for the first time in a city-wide alternative style art show called Round Up. I hung four framed prints in my sister's vestibule - a very small show in a very small space, sat on the porch and waited for visitors! I told my friends and people at work about the show. A few people came, including my new boss and his wife came, which I was profoundly grateful for. He still comes to some of my shows and has bought my prints. I didn't sell a thing first time round, but it got me started.